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Patanol Eye Drop - Generic

Manufacturer: Cipla

Generic Name: Olopatadine 0.1%


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Opatanol Eye Drop

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Olopatadine (generic name) is an antihistamine. It is a prescription drug which is sold under the brand name- Patanol (Trade name). Healthcare specialist may use the trade name when prescriber referring to the generic drug name. It is used for the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis (eye allergies). It is available in eye drop and nasal spray.



Ø Take Olopatadine exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

Ø Do not take this medicine in a smaller or larger amount or for longer than recommended.

Ø The dosage of the drug depends on the weight, age, height or medical condition of the patient and depend on many factors, then your prescriber will determine your dose schedule.


What if you miss a dose Olopatadine.: -

If you miss or forget a dose of Olopatadine, take it as soon as possible, if it almost time for your next schedule. Skip the forgotten dose and go back to your normal schedule. Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten/missed dose.


How Olopatadine works.: -

Olopatadine binds to H1 receptor, it blocks the action of endogenous histamine which leads to temporary relief of the negative symptoms brought on by histamine.


Olopatadine side effects.:-

Olopatadine may cause some side effects; however, you should always tell your health care specialist if you experience any unusual symptoms.


Ø Nausea

Ø dry eyes

Ø blurred vision

Ø Mild eye irritation

Ø Puffy eyelids

Ø unpleasant taste in your mouth

Ø stinging

Ø eye swelling

Ø redness

Ø Discomfort

Ø crusting or drainage



Before taking Olopatadine to talk to your doctor, if you have or had any of the following conditions.: -


Ø  Liver(Hepatotoxicity), Kidney, or heart disease.

Ø  Eyelash-thickening treatments

Ø  Other medicines you apply to the eye



Let your doctor know before taking this medicine, if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant and if you are breast-feeding a baby.



Let your doctor know if you ever had any kind of kidney diseases.



Let your doctor know if you ever had any kind of liver(Hepatotoxicity) diseases.



Please consult your doctor if you are consuming alcohol. If you use alcohol may increase your side effect so it is good to avoid alcohol while using Olopatadine medication.


Interactions with this medication.:-

For informational purposes only. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently taken any other medicine including OTC or any herbal supplement.

Drugs that may interact with Olopatadine include.:-


Ø  Acetylsalicylic acid, Acemetacin - Therapeutic efficacy of Olopatadine can be decreased.

Ø  Acebutolol- May increase the hypotensive activities of Acebutolol.

Ø  Aceclofenac- Therapeutic efficacy of Olopatadine can be decreased.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The knowledge provided is meant to raise an understanding of knowledge regarding wellbeing and does not recommend medication or evaluation. Such material is not a substitution for clinical medical treatment and can not be taken as suggesting or advising that it is healthy, acceptable or efficient for you to take the medication. Consult a health care provider and specialist for psychological therapy and diagnosis.

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