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Eldepryl 5mg Tablet (Generic Equivalent)

Manufacturer: Intas Pharma

Generic Name: Selegiline


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Other Names

Selgin Tablets (Selegiline)
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Product Details

This drug is used to control the symptoms of a neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s disease. It is used in combination with other drugs such as levodopa and carbidopa. It belongs to the group of medication called monoamine oxidase type-B (MAO-B) inhibitors. It is available in the market by the brand name Eldepryl and Zelapar. 

Which ailments does Selegine help treat? 

•     Tremors due to Parkinson’s disease 

What are the side-effects?

•    Vertigo

•    Light-headedness

•    Fainting

•    Xerostomia 

•    Nausea

•    Vomiting

•    Pain in stomach

•    Difficulty swallowing

•    Heartburn

•    Diarrhoea

•    Constipation

•    Insomnia

•    Hallucinations

•    Sleepiness 

•    Depression

•    Pain, especially in the legs or back

•    Muscle pain or weakness

•    Purple blotches on the skin

•    Rash

•     Inflammation and sores in the mouth (if you are taking the orally disintegrating tablets) 

•    Chest pain

•    sweating

•    Confusion 

•    Severe headache

•     Soreness in the neck region

•    Uncontrollable shaking of a part of your body

•    Unusual movements that are difficult to control

•    Difficulty breathing

Dosage of Medication

•    Selegiline is available in the form of disintegrating tablet and capsule meant to be taken orally by mouth. 

•    The capsule is prescribed to be taken two times a day with breakfast and lunch

•    The oral dissolving tablet is advised once daily without meals and water.

•    Follow the directions carefully mentioned on the label of the medication. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist in case you are not clear with any part of it.

•    Do intake this drug exactly it is directed.

•    Do not taper the dosage according to your own self

•    Do not take it more often or too less as it may cause serious side effects

•    If you taking an orally disintegrating tablet, do not open the blister until you are ready to intake your dose.

•    Do not swallow the tablet and place it gently on the tongue and wait till it dissolves. Do not intake water or any other liquid before or after ingestion until 5 minutes

•    Initially, your doctor may prescribe you a low dose and with time gradually it will be increased after 6 weeks 

•    Do not abruptly start or discontinue the drug without asking your doctor. The therapeutic effects of the drug may take some time to occur. This drug can only provide you with symptomatic relief of symptoms but cannot cure the disease completely.

•    In case of discomfort or symptoms like nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure; do immediately report to your doctor

Warnings & Precautions

•    Do inform your doctor in case you are allergic or on any anti-allergic medication. Ask your pharmacist to check into medication ingredients guide before dispensing the drug. 

•    Do inform your doctor clearly regarding the past medical history and the list of medications you are taking. 

•    Do inform your doctor in case you have vision disease, kidney disease or liver disorder. 

•    In the case of pregnancy, inform your doctor as use of Selegiline during pregnancy may hamper the health of the fetus

•    Avoid breastfeeding if you are on Selegiline 

•    In case of tooth extraction or any other surgery, inform your dentist or doctor regarding this drug intake

•    Do not drive any vehicle or operate any machine immediately after taking this drug as it causes drowsiness

•    In case you have a condition like a proteinuria, you must be aware of the fact that Selegiline contains Phenylalanine which may interfere with the absorption of proteins in the body.

•    You may experience mood swings along with changes in your mental health while you are on this drug regime.

•    Store the medication in an air-tight container out of the reach of the children at room temperature. 

How does it help in the treatment? 

This drug increases the amount of dopamine in the brain, thereby slowing down the breaking of neurotransmitters. Dopamine is an essential natural substance which is meant to control movements in the body. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The knowledge provided is meant to raise an understanding of knowledge regarding wellbeing and does not recommend medication or evaluation. Such material is not a substitution for clinical medical treatment and can not be taken as suggesting or advising that it is healthy, acceptable or efficient for you to take the medication. Consult a health care provider and specialist for psychological therapy and diagnosis.

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