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Aggrenox 200/25mg Capsules - Generic Equivalent

Manufacturer: Intas Pharma

Generic Name: Dipyridamole +Aspirin


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Other Names

Asasantin Retard
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Product Details


It is a prescribed drug which is usually given to reduce risk of conditions like stroke, transient ischemic attacks or a case of the previous stroke due to clot formation.  This medication comprises of two drugs: Aspirin and Dipyridamole which is in very low dose and slow-release form respectively. It belongs to a class of drugs known as Antiplatelet. It is available in the market by the brand name Aggrenox.


What ailments Aspirin-Dipyridamole help treat?

•   Stroke

•    Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or ‘mini-stroke’.


What are the side-effects?

•    Light-headedness

•    Irritability

•    Dizziness

•    Drowsiness

•    Vomiting

•    Diarrhoea

•    Nausea

•    Blurred vision

•    Loss of appetite

•    Yellowing of skin and eyes

•    Headache

•    Heartburn

•    Bleeding from intestine

•    Irregular heartbeat

•     Anxiety

•     Dark colour urine

•    Unusual weakness

•    Kidney problem

•    Unusual Fatigue

•    Easy bruising

•    Uncontrolled bleeding from gums

•    Rash

•    Itching

•    Allergy


Dosage of Medication

•    This drug is meant to be taken orally by mouth. It is available in the form of a regular capsule and an extended-release capsule.

•    Their dosage strength includes 25mg and 200mg respectively.

•    The drug is meant to be swallowed as a whole without chewing.

•    For treating Stroke, the recommended dosage is 1 capsule PO q12 hourly.

•    The medicine is not interchangeable with individual components of Aspirin/ Dipyridamole

•    During the initial drug therapy, the intolerable headache may occur. The recommended dosage in such a case is one capsule before bedtime. The patient is advised to return to the normal dosage regimen when comfortable (usually after a week)


Warnings & Precautions

•    The drug is contraindicated in case you are hypersensitive to Aspirin or Dipyridamole.

•    This drug is absolutely contraindicated in case of syndrome of Asthma, Rhinitis and nasal polyps.

•    The drug is contraindicated in children < 16 years of age with viral infections

•    Discontinue the drug in the patients with the known medical history of tinnitus or impaired hearing

•    Use the drug with caution in case of a cardiovascular deficit or Gastrointestinal disorders.

•    There may be a developing risk of Chest pain, in case of patients with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

•    Dosage may not be adequate in patients with a history of Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) for whom aspirin is indicated so as to prevent Myocardial Infarction

•    In the case of a pre-existing history of hypotension may be aggravated by peripheral vasodilation

•     There may be an elevated risk of bleeding in a case when the drug is co-administered with antiplatelet agents such as heparin, fibrinolytic and NSAIDs

•    In case of a surgical procedure, the drug should not be administered before 2 weeks of the procedure

•    Avoid alcohol intake while you are on this medicine regimen as it may increase the risk of bleeding.

•    Increased risk of hepatic impairment with Dipyridamole ingestion.


How does it help in the treatment?

Since this drug is a combination of two potent individual agents Aspirin and Dipyridamole. Both of these, when given in combination, produces additive and beneficial effects. Aspirin inhibits cyclooxygenase enzyme and inhibits the generation of thromboxane A2, a powerful inducer of platelet aggregation and vessel constrictor which aids in forming a clot. Other components, Dipyridamole inhibits the uptake of adenosine into erythrocytes and platelets.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The knowledge provided is meant to raise an understanding of knowledge regarding wellbeing and does not recommend medication or evaluation. Such material is not a substitution for clinical medical treatment and can not be taken as suggesting or advising that it is healthy, acceptable or efficient for you to take the medication. Consult a health care provider and specialist for psychological therapy and diagnosis.

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