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Female Infertility - Do not Make the Same Mistake I Did

by Micheal Smith - May 21, 2021

Female Infertility - Do not Make the Same Mistake I Did

A majority of couples who want to bear offspring can't conceive due to the absence of medical treatment or medications. With the help of scientific developments, many couples are successful in creating a family with fertility drugs. Besides, fertility drugs are the most renowned and first solution for removing infertility in females. Several fertility medications have been used effectively and safely by fertility experts for over forty years. In most cases, fertility drugs are used for a brief period while giving rise to pregnancy naturally. Women who are struggling with ovulation problems can fulfill the goal of conceiving a baby by using fertility drugs. It can successfully regulate ovulation and enhance the process of egg production. A majority of couples can encounter success naturally and quickly than the others.

Additionally, the other candidates who can be benefitted from fertility drugs are women. The women who suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS and thyroid issues can observe the best results. This drug successfully solves different types of eating disorders and weight issues like underweight or overweight. Apart from this, these drugs can treat infertility in the female who has been diagnosed with tubal factor and endometriosis infertility.

Role of the drugs used to treat infertility

These fertility drugs can be beneficial for both women and men. Men diagnosed with low sperm count or are suffering from sluggish or slow sperm are prescribed infertility drugs. These drugs can aid in increased motility and sperm count. Especially, women can use these infertility drugs to regulate their monthly menstrual cycle.

  • Clomiphene citrate: Clomiphene citrate is administered via the mouth and can stimulate ovulation. It can stimulate ovulation by pushing the pituitary gland to release excess levels of LH and FSH.

  • Metformin: The Metformin drug can be used when the major cause of infertility is diagnosed as insulin resistance. This case is most common in women who have been diagnosed with PCOS. This drug can enhance the insulin resistance factor, which, in turn, can increase the chances of ovulation.

  • Letrozole: The Femara or Letrozole falls in the category of drugs that are termed as aromatase inhibitors. Its working process is similar to clomiphene.

  • Gonadotropins: These drugs are administered in the form of injections. They can trigger the female ovaries to release multiple eggs directly.


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